MOMOYA TV-Ads096-1973-Cable Ferry in Village

Time: 30 sec.


Description of Product: EDO-MURASAKI-OSANANAJIMI is a savory preserve made of seaweed, called “Nori-no-tsukudani” in Japanese. It is made with soy sauce, sugar and mirin (rice wine.) It is preservable, and often eaten with Japanese rice.

Year: 1973

Advertiser: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Advertising Agency: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

Production Company: Television Corporation of Japan

This piece begins with an extreme long shot of shore along a fictional river named ‘Najimi River’ in countryside. After a loud call for boarding, the following scene portrays an elderly lady who pops out and makes a couple of Omusubi rice ball in front of a small hut. Carrying a tray of food and a teapot, she dashes for and jumps into a cable ferry. In the sequence, she sings a parody of children’s song “Sendo-san” which literally means a boatman. On a ferry, an old man squats down cross-legged, smoking an old-style Japanese smoking pipe called Kiseru. Although she offers a meal to him, they start playing a game enjoying their second childhoods. Kissing her hand, he turns a tag to ’Not in service’ so that they can spend a happy time on the cable ferry without a disturbance.



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