MOMOYA TV-Ads043-1966-Sugata Sanshiro

Time: 30 sec.

Product Name: TAI-DENBU

Description of Product: TAI-DENBU, sea bream floss, is grinded and dried meat of sea bream that has been roasted and seasoned with sugar, soy sauce etc. It is used as fillings of rolled sushi as well as rice seasonings.

Year: 1966

Advertiser: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Advertising Agency: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

Production Company: Television Corporation of Japan

Description of Title: "Sugata Sanshiro," also known as “Judo Saga,” is the title of Japanese film based on the novel of the same name by Tsuneo Tomita. It was directed by the Oscar-winning film director Akira Kurosawa as his directorial debut, released in Japan in 1943.

This piece is a burlesque of “Sugata Sanshiro,” or “Judo Saga,” a novel of Tsuneo Tomita. Its protagonist was modeled after Shiro Saigo, and its film adaptation released in Japan in 1943 was the directorial debut of Akira Kurosawa. It begins with the entrance of a Dojo, a formal training place, for Judo that is a modern Japanese martial art. And then, a man who wears a type of traditional Japanese clothing Hakama and holds a folded uniform called Judogi on right hand turns up asking for the Dojo-yaburi which means a challenge by outsiders to a Dojo. After the setting changes into the inside of Dojo with Tatami mats, he puts on white Judogi and tries Judo techniques called Koshi-guruma and Yama-arashi in order. Thus, this piece contains full of representations aboutan atmosphere and characteristics of Judo.



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