MOMOYA TV-Ads168-1982-Florist

Time: 30 sec.


Description of Product:
HANA-RAKKYO is a pickled scallion that has been preserved mainly in vinegar, sugar, salt. Commonly offered as a side dish of Japanese curry, and also eaten with Japanese Sake.

HANA-FUKUJIN is pickled vegetables called “Fukujinzuke” in Japanese. Commonly, it contains daikon radish, eggplant, lotus root and cucumber, and served as a relish for Japanese curry.

Year: 1982

Advertiser: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Advertising Agency: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

Production Company: Cinq Co., Ltd.

This TV advertisement displays various homonyms and idioms related to a word ‘hana,’ a part of the products’ names. In the voice-over narration, it offers ‘hanauta (hum)’ and ‘hana no kinyobi (thank god it's Friday)’ for example. Also, the animation illustrates ‘hana uranai (pulling petals off a flower)’ and “hanataba (flower bouquet.)” In the opening scene, a young girl in Kimono starts listening music with a portable audio player during the Japanese tea ceremony known as Chado or Sado. It notably reflects the change in music listening habits especially among young people, which was introduced by a release of Sony’s “Walkman” in 1979. A girl whose skirt is blown up above her waist, in the middle of the TV ad, obviously parodies an iconic image of a world-famous movie star Marilyn Monroe in a 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch.”



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