MOMOYA TV-Ads163-1981-Ichiya-zuke

Time: 30 sec.

Product Name: SUGU-TSUKA-RU

Description of Product: SUGU-TSUKA-RU is a seasoned marinade for vegetables. It is used to make "Asazuke," mild pickles made from cucumber, eggplant, turnip, hakusai cabbage and other vegetables.

Year: 1981

Advertiser: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Advertising Agency: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

Production Company: Cinq Co., Ltd.

The story of this piece is based on wordplay of a pickling and a cramming, as both words have a common pronunciation‘tsuke’ in Japanese. Sitting at the desk in a room, a young schoolgirl in the sailor outfit, one of common styles of female school uniform in Japan, crams up for the examination. Turning around and emptying the textbooks and notes of the satchel bag, she complains about a heavy workload. Then, a weight stone drops off and hits her head, and a seasoned marinade for mild pickles is introduced. Soon she chops a daikon radish and cucumbers in a kitchen, and live actions demonstrate the 60-second to 60-minuite cooking of pickles. On the other hand, she restarts her study in a room, helplessly wishing that crammingfor mathematics were as easy as making the pickles.



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