MOMOYA TV-Ads158-1981-Kimchi of the President

Time: 30 sec.

Product Name: KIMCHI-NO-MOTO

Description of Product: KIMCHI-NO-MOTO is a sauce for Kimchi, also spelled Gimchi or Kimchee. It is a traditional Korean fermented dish made of hakusai cabbage and other select vegetables with varied seasonings, and it is the most common Korean side dish served with rice.

Year: 1981

Advertiser: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Advertising Agency: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

Production Company: Cinq Co., Ltd.

Description of Title: This title, “Kimchi of the President,” is a sort of a wordplay which used the phonic similarity of two words; one is “Kimochi,” a Japanese word meaning a "feeling," and the other is “Kimchi,” a part of product name of this TV ad. Therefore, “Kimchi of the President” can be also interpreted as “the feeling of the President.”

With a parody of a famous Korean folk song “Arirang,” it showcases home dishes used KIMCHI-NO-MOTO by live actions; a salad dressing for breakfast; Kakuteki or Ggakdugi, a type of KIMCHI made with cubed daikon radishes, as a side dish of Chazuke for lunch; KIMCHI, made of hakusai cabbages, as a relish for Yakiniku grilling in dinner. To visualize the time progress, a clock-wipe effect is applied to the transitions of these scenes. The setting being changed from home to a company, animated president character shows up in a live action background of a president room’s doorway. In this scene, Mr. Takayuki Koide, who was the president of Momoya Co., Ltd. in those days, acted the voice-over of the character. Also, the live action was filmed in its company building. Thus, this TV ad archives the history of Momoya Co., Ltd. itself as a company.



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