MOMOYA TV-Ads106-1975-Good Old Melodies

Time: 30 sec.


Description of Product: EDO-MURASAKI-GOHANDESUYO! is a savory preserve made of seaweed, called “Nori-no-tsukudani” in Japanese. It is made with soy sauce, sugar and mirin (rice wine.) It is preservable, and often eaten with Japanese rice.

Year: 1975

Advertiser: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Advertising Agency: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

Production Company: Cinq Co., Ltd.

This piece is an omnibus which consists of 4 stories based on the greatest hit songs of the Showa period. Set in a port town, the first episode parodies a “Shima no Musume,” means a girl in island, a song of a Geisha singer Katsutaro Kouta in 1932. As for the second part, a male musician spotlighted on a stage imitates a Takeo Fujishima’s song of 1930, “Tsuki no Hozenji Yokocho,” literally a Hozenji alley in a moonlight. Then, the scene changes into a Japanese gambling called Hancho Tobaku that is often depicted in Jidaigeki and Yakuza films. What the dealer sings, as the third song of this omnibus, is “Kyodai Jingi,” translated as “Brotherly Affection,” of Saburo Kitajima in 1965. Finally, a smash hit of a female movie star Mieko Takamine, titled “Kohan no Yado” in 1940, is performed on the stage set of a lakeside hotel.



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