MOMOYA TV-Ads102-1974-Dodoitsu

Time: 30 sec.


Description of Product: YAKINIKU-NO-TARE is a sauce for “Yakiniku” which literally means grilled or barbequed meats.

Year: 1974

Advertiser: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Advertising Agency: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

Production Company: Cinq Co., Ltd.

Description of Title: Dodoitsu is a form of Japanese poetry developed by the end of the Edo period. It consists of four lines with the syllabic structure 7-7-7-5.

In a Japanese-style room, a Geisha sits on her heels and performs Dodoitsu, a form of Japanese poetry developed in the end of the Edo period by an entertainer Senka Dodoitsubo. It is normally played with Shamisen, and composed with the syllabic structure 7, 7, 7 and 5, mainly on the subject of a romance. Sensing that there is someone outside, she puts Shamisen on the Tatami mats and slides a Shoji window, only to find a jar attacks her forehead. In the following scenes, she marinates beef in a big plate and barbecues them. Then, in the closing, she stands up and completes her Dodoitsu performance, dancing and posing with a Japanese folding fan Sensu.



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