Remarks on the Project

The collection of Momoya TV ads was donated to Kawasaki City Museum in block by the Japanese leading food company, Momoya Co., Ltd. in 1993 to commemorate their 35 consecutive years of broadcasting “Norihei Anime,” for the benefit of research and education.

Digitization and metadata extraction of the pieces in the collection had been completed in the end of June, 2007, and these valuable materials have been partly available on line for public viewing at the video files distribution platform VOLUMEONE, operated by DMC Institute, Keio Univ., since the beginning of October, 2007. Amongst 218 video clips, 124 “Norihei Anime” animated pieces of them were modeled after a real life comedian Mr. Norihei Miki. By the courtesy of Momoya Co., Ltd. and our research partner Kawasaki City Museum, the DMC Institute is given a privilege of showing these materials on line for the purpose of research and education.

TV ads launched by Momoya Co., Ltd., well known for its product EDO-MURASAKI, can be considered as the mirror that reflects the history of Showa era and the cultural transition of Japanese people’s quotidian living, as social phenomena, fashions and manners of each times are portrayed. By making these TV ads available on line, many people, for example a modern or contemporary historian, artists, art critic, advertising industry, businessmen and lawyers specialized in copyrights could have access to them, and discussions among those mentioned will eventually lead us to new application and methodology for scholarly research of historical investigation.

The team at DMC Institute is currently in preparation for a special on-line exhibition of selected 50 Momoya TV ads with an entirely new visual interface. The date for release of this new website is set Jan. 25, 2008. We are hoping to open up a new horizon for the possibilities in digital curation with this new site.

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